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Breaking Free from Toxic Relationship Patterns Is Possible! 

Hi. I'm Jim MS-
Love Addiction Coach, Author, and Founder of this Site.
I want you to discover what took me years to discover, powerful knowledge and tools that could help you break free from  toxic, unhealthy relationship. 
my story recovering  >> 

Are You Addicted to Love?

- Do you rely on romance to feel alive, lovable, worthy?
- Do you confuse intensity/drama for real love or intimacy?
- Do you tend to pick love avoidant or narcissistic partners?
- Do you experience obsessive love withdrawal during a breakup?

continue on and take the--

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Are You Facing Love Addiction & Need Answers?

Love Addiction Book | Recovery Workbooks

Surviving Withdrawal Workbook . Breakup Healing for the Love Addict

Are you in Love Withdrawal and facing a relationship breakup? If so, learn about this Powerful Workbook >>

Surviving Withdrawal: The Breakup Workbook for Love Addicts

The Love Addict in Love Addiction

Awareness is the first step to recovering. Learn the what, why, and how of love and relationship addiction with this comprehensive and insightful ebook >>

The LOVE ADDICT in Love Addiction 

Love Addiction Recovery Book

How does a love addict begin recovery? This book will teach you the strategies to help jumpstart long-lasting recovery>>

Gateway to Recovery: The Beginners Guide to Breaking Free from Love Addiction

Talk to the Love Addiction Coach

Love Addiction Specialist Jim Hall MS, combines powerful tools and insights gathered from his own remarkable recovery experience, along with his counseling background-- to help guide you on a strong path to healing and interpersonal freedom. * Onine or by Phone

How Love Addiction Coaching Works

If you reside in the Sacramento, CA region and need help, click Relationship Addiction Recovery Coaching - Counseling

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Happy and fulfilling love relationships is possible- No Matter Your History Or Where You've Been!

"If you keep doing what you've
always done, you will keep getting what
you've always got" 



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