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Are you dealing with obsessive and agonizing love withdrawal symptoms because of a relationship breakup? If so, it's time to do something about it.

SURVIVING WITHDRAWAL: The Breakup Workbook for Love Addicts

Surviving Withdrawal: Breakup Workbook for Love Addicts | Love Addiction Healing

Author: Jim Hall, MS, Love and Relationship Addiction Expert


Heal The Painful Symptoms Of Love Withdrawal After A Relationship Breakup- Be Free From Obsession.

Nothing is harder on the love addict than going through a break up, divorce, or any romantic love loss no matter how chaotic or unhealthy it was. Why so difficult?

The answer: Your mind and body is detoxing from an addictive relationship loss- you are in love addiction withdrawal.

You're feeling held captive by obsessive thoughts; you're feeling out of control, you're feeling like running back to the relationship for relief, despite the chaos, pain, and dysfunction it caused.

What's the solution to overcome the obsessive and agonizing withdrawal symptoms you're feeling from an addictive love relationship?

On an intellectual level, you know returning to the addictive relationship- or jumping to another relationship- or seeking relief through another addiction clearly are not the answers that will not help you break free.

In fact, any old patterns of escaping from yourself (which you've done far too long) will in no way promote your well-being and healing if you truly want to get better.

It's a GUARANTEE that any emotional escape mechanism from the withdrawal is will immobilize any possibility of self-healing; you will simply prolong the pain and continue the same toxic patterns of addictive loving, no matter what person you fall in a relationship with in the future.

I wrote SURVIVING WITHDRAWAL to give you hope, and share with you what works.

I will show you how to overcome the acute, often unforeseen symptoms of withdrawal after a love-addicted relationship breakup.

SURVIVING WITHDRAWAL is tailored specifically for love addicts and is groundbreaking (there is no other self-help book like it) -- and will succeed for any love addict in the throes of obsessive withdrawal from a breakup of an addictive love relationship.

Cutting-edge Tools, Tactics, and Strategies to Triumph over Love Withdrawal.


* Improve your sense of self

* Shed guilt, shame, self-hatred, resentments, and other negative feelings

* Have peace of mind

* Feel good about yourself again

* Gain confidence

You are treading the same ground that I walked in my last addictive relationship.

You are feeling the same despair, suffering the same hardships, experiencing the same irrational fears and obsessive thoughts, and feel like you're in an endless spiral downward.

Withdrawal is a universal experience for love addicts when the "drug of choice" (addictive lover) is no longer available.

The difference between you and me is that you have not come out the other side of withdrawal as a whole, healed, and cured as of yet-- you are still caught in the grip of the powerful, soul-sucking vortex of dependency to your partner or soon to be ex-partner.

Now it's your turn.

This is your time to become and stay empowered, to put your life back in order better than it was before, and start putting an end to your dependency of someone you loved addictively-- by following the guidelines in this book, the same guidelines and principles that are helping people every day throughout the world at high-priced long-term recovery centers.

This is your moment to take control and to break the chains of the distorted, irrational obsessions and craving to take another "hit" of the person to whom you are addicted.

You do NOT have to stay stuck. You CAN break free, overcome, and survive this withdrawal.

This is your opportunity to empower yourself to move forward on a fulfilling road for having real genuine love relationships you have been dreaming of and of which you deserve. No more excuses. Now you can break free from compulsive love dependence.

Start healing from the obsessions and painful symptoms of love withdrawal
Downloadable to any computer/phone/tablet

Here's What You'll Learn:

SURVIVING WITHDRAWAL provides you crucial insight:

  • Addiction and its correlation to the withdrawal experience.

  • Fundamental cause's withdrawal symptoms occur in love addiction.
  • Importance of understanding how withdrawal alters brain biochemistry when love addicts experience the loss of a lover/romantic relationship.
  • How & why love-addicted withdrawal parallels the withdrawal symptoms of an addict trying to kick a drug or alcohol addiction.
  • What the love addict can expect during withdrawal (i.e., withdrawal symptoms) of a relationship breakup.
  • How the normal grieving process differs from the grieving process in withdrawing from a love-addicted relationship.
  • How the process of withdrawing from love addiction is the seed to become a whole and healthy person, to meet yourself and realize that awesome potential for you and your life that has been stored away for so long.
  • Why the Avoidant (ex-partner) behaviors, feelings, actions, thoughts, or words have absolutely nothing to do with anything you've done or said or didn't do or say in the relationship.

SURVIVING WITHDRAWAL provides you critical tools, tactics, and vital strategies:

  • Conquer upsetting, painful, and anxiety-provoking thoughts, distortions, and obsessions
  • Getting off the compulsive infatuated emotional roller coaster.
  • Defeat the irrational ‘stinkin-thinking' (what I call the lies) fueling much of the pain in withdrawal.
  • Change from ‘loving' someone so much it hurts-- to loving yourself enough to stop the pain.
  • Free yourself from compulsive-dependent loving on a new pathway to build a healthy, meaningful relationship with yourself.
  • Avoid ineffective or self-defeating attempts to hasten your growth healing process.
  • Replace unhealthy, obsessive acting-out behaviors with strong, nurturing self-caring behaviors.
  • Curtail zealous addictive urges and craving to ‘contact' or run back to him or her and the love-addicted relationship.
  • Stop giving power to the fantasy- knock your ex-partner off the ‘pedestal' you've put him/her on for too long.
  • Stop yourself from returning to a bad relationship because of the fear of being alone.
  • Proactively face the inevitable challenges of withdrawal- better adjust to the acute discomfort and push through common setbacks in withdrawal.
  • Growth forwarding strategies to survive slips and setbacks so you continue to move forward on a healthy course to self-care, healing, and recovery.
  • Steps to free you from destructive loving and begin a new path to build a healthy, meaningful relationship with yourself.
SURVIVING WITHDRAWAL will empower you to break free and overcome love withdrawal so you never continue addictive and destructive loving in your life again.

It's time you started taking charge of your life and being responsible again. No longer sell yourself short. It's time. No longer, settle for crumbs.

There is no magic wand. I can't wave a wand to heal your withdrawal and heal your heart. I can only show you how to do it. There are some things you have to know and some things you really must do. I can guarantee to ease your pain with the tools inside because I've seen it happen time and time again. Get going and you will be well on the road to recovery.

What this workbook program isn't!

There is no magical bullet. This is not a quick fix; I'm not playing God or waving a magic wand for you here, as much as I wish I could. You're a love addict in pain, so you have some work to do. The work starts in this workbook.

I'm definitely not interested in teaching you how to win your ex back now, you need to heal, going back would be a disaster. Right now you are in withdrawal from being addicted to your ex, you are lonely and in pain.

It's called a break up because its broken- It's called withdrawal because your withdrawing from an addiction which you are breaking free from.

You can't even consider trying to fix an addictive relationship- you need to fix yourself or you are really going to get hurt and suffer very painful consequences!

Neither is this workbook on how to find a new lover. That would also be disastrous. Don't even think about jumping into another relationship right now. If you did, you would be continuing your addiction to others.

You would continue to abandon You. You have done that too long. Your withdrawal is telling you something! It is time for you to focus on you to repair, heal, overcome, and break free from toxic loving.

Begin NOW and start healing painful symptoms of love withdrawal.

Here are just a few Testimonials from thousands of people who have been in withdrawal and found relief:

I bought your Surviving Withdrawal Book last night & I just had to tell you how this material has turned my thinking around. I've been feeling a lot of pain and confusion lately & ALREADY I am feeling better. Your workbook makes a whole lot of sense. It is to the point. And it is hardcore.

Dan (New York)

I feel like I could be sitting in front of you and you're awarding me with sensible counsel & & powerful guidance I've so desperately needed. I so appreciate you and your work and what you are doing. Thank you for creating this Surviving Withdrawal Workbook.

Sandra (Texas)

The Surviving Withdrawal workbook has been like having a Therapist by my side 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thank You, Jim, for this book.

Nicole (Florida)

I have been in the pain of withdrawal and I literally am incredibly, extraordinarily grateful I found this workbook. Fantastic insight, excellent tools to get out of the pain, stop obsessing and break the desperate craving to contact, "get my hit" as you say. I tried a couple books on breaking up, but Nothing comes close to the material in Surviving Withdrawal book. It truly is the Break Up Workbook for love addicts. Thank you so much.

Joe (California)

Thank you Jim for creating this workbook, it has been a lifesaver for relieving my withdrawals symptoms. I feel better and I have hope! I go to support groups now and I am highly recommending Surviving Withdrawal to others. The many tips, tools, and exercises to stay occupied in a healthy way during the withdrawal period, unbelievable, nothing like it!

Susan (Great Britain)

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  Surviving Withdrawal Workbook . Breakup Healing for the Love Addict



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