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Recovery Groups

Online Groups for Love Addicts


Love Addiction Support Groups

I will lead new recovery meetings starting in later part of Fall 2024 ... 

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What topic/focus would benefit you the most in a love addiction recovery meeting?
(examples - love addiction withdrawal, no contact; setting boundaries, raising self-esteem, how to avoid love avoidants, how to date to find the right partner, etc.)

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I appreciate it immensely - 
Thank You,

Jim Hall, MS, Love Addiction Specialist


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Individual Love Addiction Help Online


About Online Recovery Meetings:


Love Addiction Recovery Meetings Online - Heal, Become Secure, Improve Your Love Life! 

Group meetings are led by Jim Hall, MS, Love Addiction Recovery Specialist- where members will receive essential guidance and support, gain insights, tips, and tools for recovery and healing, plus connect with others to help overcome love addiction.



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