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Love Addiction Coaching

Breakthrough Recovery Help & Advice from the Top Love Addiction Expert, Jim Hall, MS

"Thank you Jim. Your advice and support have changed my entire being" 

Whether you're in a current relationship, breaking up, love withdrawal, single, dating, a man or woman 

Jim provides you with what most helping professionals will not and cannot:
Clarity, Insight, And Specific Solutions to disentangle your love addiction/codependency problems causing pain & heartache.


“Because of you Jim, I can now for the first time say I have found myself, and love myself”

Breakthrough Love Addiction Help - from a Love Addiction Specialist who understands what YOU need.

Love Addiction Recovery Specialist, Jim Hall, MS ... Can Help YOU!


Love Addiction Coaching with Jim provides you with a compassionate, effective, and pro-active supportive alliance to help you with the issues relating to love, relationships, and obsessive/painful patterns of addictive loving.

I help you discover essential growth forwarding methods you will need to break your love addiction. You receive clear and safe guidance that will comfort and motivate you to stop the pain and seek to establish wholesome love relationships. 

I don't just talk (or write) - I listen to you, I relate to you, and I provide you practical steps and tools that help empower and strengthen you, and move you forward to where you want to be.

In our session/'s together, I give YOU - what took me many, many years to discover... Critical Insight you need to stop the pain, the obsession, and that lying inner-critic! ... 

I give you the tools, motivation, and inspiration to make your love addiction the catalyst to change the way you love in relationships, and internally & authentically to love, honor, and value yourself- to instill in you, "I am enough"! ...  

Moreover, in our session/'s together, I guide YOU - on a powerful path to healing, recovery, personal empowerment, and the skills to create healthy, happy relationships- you deserve it.

Ever Wonder What a Person (Love Addict / Avoidant) Learns in One of the Several Well-Regarded Treatment Centers Specializing in Love Addiction? 

Exactly What You Will Learn Working With Jim Hall, MS, Love Addiction Specialist! ... And truthfully, Jim's step-by-step recovery method applies additional (and essential) education and tools, that even the best treatment doesn't teach- but should. Jim actually attended one of these treatment centers (35 days) after his very last addictive relationship ended- a time where he hit a very hard "bottom".  

So working with Jim, you will get the insights, clarity, and healing strategies these renowned treatment centers provide; plus additional tools and techniques they don't teach.

Jim has put all his personal and professional experience together, for you.

Jim believes, if what he learned made his own recovery an amazing success...  it will also do the same for others, and this has certainly been the case for countless individuals, for nearly 10 years.

"I am more at peace and stable  in this last year, than I 've been in my entire life. So, thank you, Jim."

"Yes, I have been where you are, I have experienced the pain and 'crazy-making' feelings you are likely experiencing right now.. I truly get it! I understand the obsessing, confusion, and anxiety... BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, I am keenly aware of the tools, steps and teachings needed to heal and breakthorugh; and put a stop to the undeserving relational pain and dysfunction. With telephone or online coaching with me, I will teach you what you need to know to break free from your love addiction."

How I work with you over the phone:


I work with clients on the foundation of a powerful 4-POINT RECOVERY Strategy:

  1. A concise initial evaluation to understand what is happening.
  2. Identifying self-sabotaging behavior and thinking patterns that are keeping you stuck.
  3. Clarifying the symptoms and stages of love addiction from attraction and fantasy to denial and obsession.
  4. A Carefully Developed Comprehensive Action Oriented Recovery Strategy- not limited to transforming hurtful relational patterns; improving your sense of self worth and identify; developing strong-functional boundaries; and learning healthy relationship skills that bring fulfillment instead of pain.

Along with this, I give you 100% support, guidance, never with judgment or shaming. I help you break through all the blind spots you cannot see now; provide you with insights and tools that you will not find anywhere else, that work! Register now for a telephone coaching session- talk with Jim Hall, MS, Love Addiction Expert.

So What Are You Waiting For?
Get Started Now!

A bend in the road is not the end of the road...
unless you fail to make the turn.

~Author Unknown

How to get started:

Maybe you need one, two or three sessions - or maybe you are ready to work my whole recovery coaching program and want weekly, bi-weekly or twice weekly sessions--It's easy to get started. 

Just follow the 4 steps below:

1- Start by registering for one or more sessions with our secure payment system (debit/credit cards accepted: VISA, MC, Discover). 

2- Once your order is completed, I will contact you within 24 hours by email to confirm & we'll schedule our first session together.

3- I call you, so you do not have to pay long distance calls (US residents only; If you live outside the US, Skype/FREE is the best option for our sessions together).

4- We'll get started so you will find the answers and solutions you need!

* In most cases, only one session is all you need to get you started. If needed, I will offer you referral's to less expensive support at the end of our session.

Get Started Now and Receive a FREE Session! For new clients only, if you order one or more 45 minute session... you will receive
a FREE 30 min. session (does not apply to orders of Urgent or 30 minute sessions).

>> Real Recovery- no matter where you live
You have the option to choose Telephone Sessions through:
 -  Phone: Land-line or Mobile phone * I call you; no long distance charges if you live in the US
 -  Online: Skype (audio or video) * option for both US  or if you live outside the US

About Urgent Sessions:

* If you feel a need for an urgent advice/consult-- You can order an Urgent Love Addiction Coaching Session to talk with Jim Hall, MS, Love Addiction Specialist within 24-48 hours. I will typically be available for clients who need an urgent session, but of course I cannot guarantee it 100%.

If for some reason, you order an Urgent Session and I cannot meet with you for the urgent session on the phone within 24 to 48 hours you will not be billed (or if you choose, you may apply the cost for a scheduled session at the regular rate). 

If you would like an Urgent Session today, please order now below- I will be notified and contact you asap.

Empower Yourself... Empower Your Life...
Love Addiction Coaching with Jim.

Choose One or More - Sessions
* "Urgent Session" for immediate  love addiction help - within next 24 to 48 hours

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URGENT Coaching Session: 45min. $189.00   add to cart

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Love Addiction Recovery Packages
Choose from one of the following Recovery Packages:
Save $10.00 per session with 10, 15, or 20-session recovery pack 


Hi Jim, I wanted to reach out and sincerely thank you for being so important in helping me transform my life. I'm so grateful to have discovered you and your methods.  They really work.  I draw on what I learned from our coaching sessions together more than you would believe.  You left me with countless strategies, lessons, and skills that have become so vital for me.  I don't even want to consider where I would be right now had I not found you to help me overcome my love addiction.  It (you) truly changed my life.  I'm so proud to be one of your success stories.  With all the gratitude in the world, thank you!
Michael K. (Ohio)

Hello Jim, Before finding you on the internet, I’ve worked with therapists, life coaches and helping professionals with various attempts to stop my love addiction, yet I must tell you Jim, that the caring, encouraging, and non-judgmental help you gave me has been, ‘bar none’, the most powerful, effective, helpful, actually superb! I could not feel this good and have so much hope and be where I am today without your help and support and expertise.
With Much Gratitude,
Janice (Utah)

From near total despair to... excited, full of hope and life!
Four months ago, I was in a state of near-total despair, after my avoidant partner had upped and left without warning. I couldn't see how to get on without him and could hardly function at all, even at work. I felt completely alone. However, the coaching you provided helped me put my life back together, assess my unhealthy patterns and I finally was able to let go, with learning from you, that yes I do have value and worth. I look back and cannot recognize the woman I was not too long ago. And, although I have yet to meet the healthy partner I know I deserve, I am convinced that he is just around the corner... I cannot thank you enough!!!
Colleen (Los Angeles)

I never thought I would get over the pain from being with a narcissist for three years. Today, I can actually be alone without being lonely. You helped me see there is hope! You made me finally "get" that I no longer have to settle for crumbs and I know will have a great relationship when the time is right. I am worthy. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS.
Julie (Philadelphia) 

If you have question's about love addiction coaching services-
please feel free to contact me, Jim Hall, MS, Love Addiction Specialist

at or call 916-879-6914.