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About Jim Hall, MS
Love Addiction Specialist and Recovery Coach


I am a former therapist turned Love Addiction Specialist and Relationship Coach, and I help  Love Addicts and Love Avoidants achieve self love and improve relationships.


  • Love Addiction Specialist
  • Relationship Recovery Coach
  • Remarkable personal background recovering from love addiction
  • Author of three books about love addiction and recovery from love addiction (see below)
  • Education: Bachelor of Science Degree (BS) in Sociology/Gerontology - CSUS, California State University-Sacramento
  • Master of Science - MS Counseling/Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy - UOP, University of Phoenix



Inspired by my own remarkable recovery experience I began this website and the work I do over 13 years ago: 


Jim Hall Relationship Addiction Recovery Solutions ( provides love addiction help; recovery support; and educational services and guidance for helping professionals, educators, and individuals who want to recover from love addiction.


Why am I uniquely qualified in love addiction recovery to help love addicts break away from love addiction patterns, become more secure, and find relationship happiness?


  • Besides reading below, read more about my story and why I started this website:  - About


My qualifications come from a combination of experience and insight gained from my remarkable recovery experience, my Master's in Counseling Education, together with training and background as a therapist. 


As part of my service, as a Love Addiction Specialist,  Relationship and Recovery Coach, I provide Online Love Addiction and Attachment Informed Relationship Coaching for Individuals, individually and in online groups.


I work with adults from all over the globe struggling with love addiction and insecure attachment patterns, love addiction withdrawal caused by a breakup, relationship challenges, and loneliness.


I help clients discover hope, find clarity, solve problems, get unstuck, and develop the skills and self-assurance they need to take control of bettering their love lives. And ultimately overcoming love addiction problems.


In addition, I am an author. 


I've written books/workbooks on love addiction, recovery, and overcoming love and breakup withdrawal- available on this website. and write material focused on understanding love and relationship addiction; providing tips and advice on recovery, becoming secure, and acquiring healthy, happy relationships.  


Read more about my story and more about my website


Love Addiction Recovery Services:


Get recovery help and support for your relationship and love addiction issues.


  • Individual Coaching for Relationships | Recovery | Love Addiction | Love Avoidance


Work with me one to one to find:








... Please visit my Online Love Addiction Coaching page for more information.



  • Love Addiction Recovery Meetings coached by Jim Hall, MS


Online Groups for Love Addicts





Go to the blog to check out all my articles:

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More on my personal story and why I started this website over thirteen years ago - About my website



Love Addiction Recovery Books | Workbooks


Order my books on love addiction and recovery - immediately downloadable on any device (links below):

The Love Addict in Love Addiction


Surviving Withdrawal: The Breakup Workbook for Love Addicts


Gateway to Recovery: A Beginner Guide to Breaking Love Addiction</

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