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Love Addiction Relationship Expert - Jim Hall, MS

About Jim Hall:

I am a former therapist turned Love Addiction Specialist, Relationship Coach,  and Author

  • Love Addiction Specialist
  • Relationship Counselor-Coach, Author, Speaker 
  • Bachelor of Science Degree (BS) in Sociology - California State University-Sacramento
  • Master of Science - MS Counseling/Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy - UOP, University of Phoenix
  • Remarkable-Personal Experience Overcoming Love Addiction

I write material focused on love and relationship addiction, and anxious and avoidant attachment styles, including tips and advice on how to recover and be more secure.  I've written three important books/workbooks on love addiction, recovery, and overcoming love and breakup withdrawal- available on this website.

I am a Relationship and Recovery Coach and provide Online Love Addiction and Attachment Informed Relationship Coaching for Individuals. I work with adults struggling with addictive relationship patterns, relational obsessions, breakup love withdrawal, facing relationship challenges, and loneliness. I help clients find clarity, solve problems, get unstuck, and develop the skills and self-assurance they need to take control of bettering their love lives. 

I started this website 10 years ago inspired by my own remarkable recovery experience, to bring more awareness about love addiction, to offer tips on how to recover;  and to provide online advice, guidance, and support for individuals struggling with this challenge.

More of my story: Read more of my story at About my website link.

My books | workbooks- which you can order and download on this site:

The Love Addict in Love Addiction 
* Acquire a keen understanding of love addiction, including in part, on addictive relationship patterns between the love addict and their avoidant (or narcissistic) partner.


Surviving Withdrawal: The Breakup Workbook for Love Addicts
* Self-Help Recovery Workbook - with tools, tactics, and strategies to triumph over love withdrawal caused by a breakup.


Gateway to Recovery: A Beginners Guide to Breaking Love Addiction
* A Getting Started Recovery Workbook for love addicts just beginning their recovery path.


Individual ONE-TO-ONE Love Addiction Relationship Coaching 

If you want help and facing challenges in your relationship and/or love addiction, where you will get...


  • TOOLS 

Please visit my Online Love Addiction Coaching Page for more information.


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