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GATEWAY to RECOVERY: The Beginners Recovery Book for Love Addicts

Book - Beginners Healing Guide for Love Addicts

About Book: Gateway to Recovery is a helpful all-in-one beginner guide for Love Addicts seeking essential tips and strategies to aid their recovery and begin establishing a healthy foundation for becoming more secure and improving relationships.

Author: Jim Hall, MS, Love Addiction Specialist and Relationship Coach.

If you've struggled with some degree of love addiction-- and want essential steps, principles, and inspiration— and direction to jumpstart a path to healing and recovery, this recovery book is for you.


Up to now, there are many books that describe a viewpoint of love addiction which often concludes with a few tips or exercises to help overcome love addiction. Some helpful and some too vague, confusing, or unclear. In this love addiction workbook, a review of love addiction is covered, however, the primary focus is for love addicts to obtain direction and guidance to help propel long-lasting recovery and imporved relationships.

Propel Your Path To Healing And Recovery - 

To make recovery possible, how we start matters.


Laying the initial groundwork (or foundation) will significantly improve the outcome. 

We can look at recovery similar to building a large structure 20 stories high— wherein having an effective plan,  tools, and materials is essential to building a durable foundation so the final result is a sturdy, long-lasting structure. In the same way, this workbook is about helping you establish a robust foundation to help jumpstart a thriving path to breaking free.

As you embrace the strategies in this workbook, you will find that by following these simple steps and principles, can produce a positive growth-forwarding ripple effect in your life.

The first step toward lasting recovery often begins with understanding the recovery path to which we walk.

If you want to break, eliminate, and sever your love addiction and toxic relationship patterns at its core-- This workbook can be a valuable source to help pave your way forward overcoming love addiction and becoming more secure..

This book can also be a useful guide for clinical therapists and counselors and other helping professionals to help clients in individual or group settings. If you, your agency, or group would like the right to use or reproduce any part of this material or other books/workbooks, please contact Jim Hall MS. While this booklet is not a cure for love addiction or a substitute for therapy, the information helps love addicts to create a useful starting pointing love addiction recovery.

Indeed, recovery-- overcoming obsessive love and love addicted behaviors and realizing healthy-fulfilling love, is possible.

Healing love addiction is possible. Start recovering today...


Propel Your Path To Healing



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