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About and why Jim started this website: His personal story


If you or someone you know is struggling with love addiction, anxious or avoidant attachment, and codependency patterns-- You are at the right place.


This site is about Helping You:

  • Becoming secure and building fulfilling,  healthy, loving relationships.
  • Gaining vital insight and tools to break free from sabotaging insecure attachment or love addiction patterns.
  • Utilizing our online services- group & individual help (Relationships, Recovery, Love Withdrawal, Breakup - Coaching | Counseling).
  • Awesome books and workbooks to help in the treatment of love addiction.
  • Great articles- full of recovery tips, relationship advice, healing strategies, and guidance to improve your relational health. 
  • And Coming Soon! -- Online Courses


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I'm Jim - I am a former therapist turned Love Addiction Specialist, Relationship Coach 

This is why I started loveaddictionhelp website over 13 years ago (3 min. read)


I won't engulf you with too many details since that can fill up a whole book- but here are 4 important qualifications I have, which I believe will give you the confidence and trust of what I offer on this site to help you heal love addiction and develop the inner peace and skills to create healthy, happy relationships you deserve.

  1. I've been a love addict for many years- I know what it's like to experience painful, chaotic & toxic love.

  2. I've achieved remarkable recovery & healing- I believe the tools, insights, and methods I teach can help you do the same.

  3. In my commitment to help you:  I became a student of psychology,  love addiction, and how to have healthy love relationships- I studied & read countless books on addictive relationships- did countless hours of research- attended many professional lectures-  I will help you find solutions.

  4. I'm a Graduate of a Masters Therapy Program- After a whole lot of recovery work, I was educated and trained as a clinician/therapist, and earned a Masters's Degree in Counseling & Psychology- this was 'icing on the cake', so to speak, to enhance my skills and further allowed me to gain key insight in the psychology of healing, love, and relationships- to help you. 


With profound experience and a deep understanding of love addiction, attachment styles, codependency, and trauma in the context of romantic relationships, I have developed a powerful toolkit with effective strategies and techniques that have proven successful in helping clients from all over the globe achieve their goals.


So can you.



My Story: What prompted me to create this site specializing in addressing the complex issues surrounding love addiction, attachment, and relationship challenges... 


It's Personal.


For years I had NO IDEA how to be in healthy love relationships- or attract healthy partners.

In fact, I thought I was the committed, giving, supportive partner who knew how to love.

I repeatedly attracted partners who were as unhealthy as I was. I was attracted to drama, dysfunction, and emotionally fearful & unavailable partners. I lived through one frustrating & painful relationship after another & it was wearing on me.

I read self-help books, relationship books, went to a counselor (many times)- anything to figure it all out. And nothing seemed to work.


The beginning of the end of my Love Addiction.


My turning point in life came after another painful end to a dysfunctional- addictive relationship-I finally hit "bottom". You might ask: What is "bottom"? "Bottom" for me was consuming obsession, confusion, emotional pain, shock, & numbness- I lost myself!


The wall of denial I used (unintentionally) all my life, finally crumbled- breaking all at once- soon after this particular relationship ended.


My family and friends COULD NOT UNDERSTAND what I was going through- and why I was in such misery- over a relationship that was toxic. I'll tell you what- at the time I couldn't understand it either. You might relate to this.

I felt alone, lost, and "crazy."

During this time of my life- I learned about a Rehabilitation Center for Love Addiction - This treatment center was one of most well respected- and worldly renowned of its kind.


However, there was a problem - a BIG one:

This center was out of State- required 35 days of intensive treatment- and cost way too much for me to afford. The cost was well over $35,000-- YES! --$35,000. I couldn't believe it!

The only place that may help me at the time and only the rich could afford it! No one said life is fair, did they?


But I was desperate and in a hell-of-a-lot of pain.


At this point, I didn't care what it took or how much money I would lose- I needed and wanted change. So I scrambled and borrowed the money (financed)- called the treatment center- and flew off into the blue skies- I was angry, obsessed, and embarrassed this was happening to me over a relationship.


Despite the deep internal shame I felt at the time, entering treatment to finally deal with the real core issues around this love addiction-- was the beginning of the end of my toxic patterns of loving.

Going to this rehab center was the starting point of my journey that changed my life- and is what drives me today- to want to help you. Thankfully as my feelings of internal shame and hopelessness dissipated, I was more committed than ever.


My growth, insight, and recovery advanced after getting out of treatment.


Because of my incredibly successful recovery experience,  I wanted to learn more- I read, researched, and studied everything I could about love addiction & relationships- the causes, patterns, and treatment methods that further help people break free.


I continued in recovery - and I developed the tools and strategies that further enhanced positive changes in my life.


I went to school to get a Masters in Counseling and Psychology that also significantly enhanced my expertise to help you get out of the abyss of love addiction.


What brought me to want to help you find freedom from love addiction?

In my gut, I knew there were many people out in our world dealing with this baffling problem (true). Moreover, I realized- I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to go to this treatment center where I discovered how to love myself and love others- giving me a life of abundance.


I also realized 99% of the population could never get this kind of treatment- and most therapists cannot provide the critical insight this kind of treatment center provides- and there is no other treatment center's like this that a majority of people can afford. I knew I could help others, and I wanted to.


I changed my career focus and made a commitment to help love addicts in the US and abroad seeking to break their love addiction patterns.


My genuine passion today is about helping you discover--  the knowledge,  insight, and tools that lead to my breakthrough out of love addiction-- something at the time I never thought I would have achieved in my recovery.

Today I help love addicts realize hope, freedom, and healthy love is absolutely possible... and in most cases, without needing a costly treatment center. 


There are many who suffer from love addiction. Many suffer quietly. Some- not as intense as I did; and others, similarly (hitting a "bottom").  But never the less, millions are living out relationships (and within themselves) in toxic love patterns, in silent despair.


What are the solutions for you to overcome the patterns of love addiction?

Well, everyone's situation is unique. For now, it's important to understand that you are NOT crazy - you have nothing to be ashamed about.

Also, You are not alone. Many (many-many) people all over the globe face this problem.

It is vital to realize -- Breaking free from the painful and obsessive patterns of addictive love and improving your relationships, is possible. If I did I believe anyone can, with the correct guidance and tools.


Healthy change out of this problem typically does not occur unless we have the right guidance and support from professionals who understand this problem. And there are few who do.

And that's why I started this website
 nearly ten years ago -- to help people like you.


I strongly encourage you to not let your time be wasted if you're dealing with this very insidious addiction to "love."

Though love addiction is not a diagnostic condition at this time, and though some debate the existence of it, I and many professionals and authors understand how real it is. And if you have been dealing with it, I am sure you would agree that it sucks, and it sucks really bad.

It doesn't have to be this way in your life.

With the right guidance, tools, and methods,--you can recover.

If you're ready to get answers to help you break the obsession and unhealthy dependency pattern in relationships -- that's what this site is about-- I want to help you. I am your advocate.


Start now and begin your path towards improving your relationships and create a life where you can love, honor, and respect all of who you are single or not-- You Deserve It.

What you can do right now on this site: 

You can begin by reading or browsing some of my articles, learn about my relationship recovery services and how I can help you, one to one, and/or learn about my books or workbooks and how they can begin helping you, starting today. 

Now is the best time to get to a place in your life-- you really want to be.

I'm committed to helping you- Break Free. You can do it.


I am here for you,
Jim Hall MS




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Surviving Withdrawal: The Breakup Workbook for Love Addicts 
If you're facing a breakup and the pain of love withdrawal, this is the workbook for you!
- learn more about Surviving Withdrawal: The Breakup Workbook for Love Addicts

The Love Addict in Love Addiction
All about love-relationship addiction, Love Addict, Love Avoidant, and more.
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Gateway to Recovery: The Beginners Guide to Breaking Free from Love Addiction
Learn the strategies needed to start a breakthrough-successful path to recovering
- click here to order Gateway to Recovery: The Beginners Recovery Guide for Love Addicts 


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