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Society sends us a lot of toxic, unhealthy, and dysfunctional messages about how love should be, what love is, or what romance is supposed to entail.

Love addicts fall victim to many of society's toxic messages and carry unrealistic expectations in their love relationships as a result. So many of messages we get on love and relationships are blatant fallacies- MYTHS.

The following are just a few misconceptions and distorted perceptions of love and romance that lead so many to feel let down again and again in relationships:

  • Love conquers all
  • Once I find the "Right Partner", I will be happy
  • There is only one "soul mate" for everyone
  • Intense chemistry, high intensity, infatuation proves there is love
  • If there are problems in a relationship, it means it is not the right relationship
  • If we disagree, something is wrong with the relationship
  • If we are together and in love, we shouldn't feel any attraction to others
  • Relationships are in nature, chaotic and obsessive
  • You should always feel passion with your partner
  • I should take care of ALL of my partner needs and wants
  • If I am obsessed and preoccupied, it means there is true love
  • If the sex is great, it is meant to be
  • If he or she can't love or desire me, no one will, and therefore, I am unlovable and inadequate
  • If you lose a relationship partner, you will never find another partner
  • My life will only have meaning and purpose if I am in a relationship
  • If you just care enough, love enough, and give enough, your  partner will change and give all the attention and love you desire
  • When your partner's circumstances are different/better, he/she will act and behave in a loving manner (like it used to be)

This list is just a small sample of unhealthy and unrealistic myths virtually all love addicts attempt to live out in relationships- all causing frustration, disappointment, and pain.

Until we understand the nature of healthy and mature love and relationships in comparison to addictive love, we are destined to continue a pattern of relational disappointment-- that is, desperate and addictive relationship patterns.

You must get absolute clarity clear about the problem of love addiction to begin overcoming this problem. And you can if you want it- It is possible!

Gain a comprehensive understanding of love, relationships, and the nature of love addiction in, The LOVE ADDICT in Love Addiction.

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