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"The best book on love addiction I've ever read, and so appreciate how it clearly explains the toxic relationship between a love addict and an avoidant. Phenomenal!"
New York City

Love Addiction book on love addict and avoidance relationships

About The Love Addict in Love Addiction book: A candid, clearly outlined book on love addiction that provides you keen insight into the intricate dynamics of Addictive Relationships that only occurs between a love addict and a love avoidant (or narcissistic) partner.


Author:  Jim Hall, MS - Former therapist turned love addiction expert and recovery coach. Author of two other books on love addiction and recovery (see about/bio)


A few important insights this love addiction book will provide you about love addicts, avoidants, and addictive relationships:

  • ... Why do love addicts become so obsessed with partners who seem 'too good to be true' initially but end up distancing and acting like they don't care?


  • ... Why is it, no matter how hard a love addict tries in the relationship (gives more, does more, will say anything, etc.), it never works?


  • ... Why do addictive lovers draw each other in relationships- and why do they crave love and intimacy yet run from it simultaneously?


  • ... Why does a LOVE AVOIDANT or NARCISSIST partner do what they do in relationships (become distant, cold, disengaged, manipulating, passive-aggressive, critical, etc.), and why do they deeply fear intimacy, closeness, and connection?

A 21st Century book about love addiction provides a comprehensive understanding of the nature and origin of addictive relationships between the love addict and love avoidant...




More About:

In The LOVE ADDICT in Love Addiction, discover the nature and origin of addictive relationships, what happens when the love addict and love avoidant initially form a romantic relationship, and how and why they both magnetically become drawn/attracted to one another.

You'll understand the unhealthy behaviors and triggers that block intimacy and closeness and the emotional cycle of the love addict and avoidant. You will understand the toxic process that plays out as an addictive relationship progresses.

You will grasp how and why a love addict and love avoidant continually create toxic, unhealthy relationship patterns, including the causes of why both partners continue repeating dysfunctional relational processes and how to overcome such patterns... Plus much more than can be explained here.

Love Addict in Love Addiction: Understanding the Toxic Dynamics between the Love Addict and Love Avo
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Jim, I have read your book, The Love Addict in Love Addiction....., and sucked every bit of information up like a dried up sponge.  It was so on-point and helpful to my practice as a clinical social worker and a recovering love addict.  I now use the material in a group I am doing in my state.  I have all members read and re-read the material so that they will know/understand all the signs, cycles, and stages they will come up against. I am e-mailing you today to say thank you for your excellent work. I know it will help many people here.  It has helped me to know that the work I have done in the past on my own life has been on target. 

Best wishes for continued success. 

Linda W, LCSW (Louisiana)

As I was researching relationship addiction, I came across your book (when I read Insatiable; which referenced this book) and I was absolutely stunned by the quality and content you put together! This is a masterpiece Jim and I think you are amazing and I view you as a leading expert in this field. Thank you. And thank you for providing me such a keen understanding of the love addict and love avoidant partners, including the core issues and what actually needs to be done to overcome it. 

Alisa (United Kingdom)

Hi Jim, I wanted to drop you an email to say I read your book on Love Addiction, and it is by far the BEST one I have read on this problem. I've read just about all the others out there, but your book unquestionably lays it all out and keenly describes the love addict, love avoidant partner, their patterns, cycles, and their core issues, and the whole dynamic of addictive relationships. Great work and thank you again!

Janet (Florida)

Jim, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated reading your book, The Love Addict in Love Addiction! It explains the problem in an earnest and lucid manner. For me, it clearly outlined the unbearable toxic relational patterns by love addicts and the love avoidants and I see crazy this pattern in my life. It was as if I was reading about myself. But I am so glad I could actually "put a finger" on my problem, one I need to fix. I would recommend your book to anyone who wants to grasp a wholehearted understanding of obsessive loving. Thanks for your passion and commitment!

Celina (Wisconsin)

Your book helped me understand addictive loving in a way that nothing had before. I now grasp why my relationships were not working and why they have caused so much hurt. I have read several books on addictive loving, and many are good, but this is the one that saved my life.

Belinda (Washington)

I downloaded your book just two days ago and wanted to say, Thank you so very much! I can now say I understand love addiction in a way I have not before. I can see now that while I was searching for love, I was really much more afraid to receive it than I had ever thought. Your book opened my eyes immensely. Gratitude!

Shelly (Utah)

Chapters inside The LOVE ADDICT in Love Addiction :

Chapter 1 -
     Love and Addiction 

Chapter 2 -
     The Love Addict

Chapter 3 -
     The Core Characteristics of Love Addicts

Chapter 4 -
     The Avoidant Partner- the chosen partner for love addicts

Chapter 5 -
     The 9 Love Addict Types

Chapter 6 -
     The Love Addiction Relationship Cycle

Chapter 7 -
    The Root Causes of Love Addiction

Chapter 8 -
    Men (compared to women) in Love Addiction

Chapter 9 -
   Healthy Love | Healthy Relationships

Chapter 10 -
   Love Addiction Recovery: Discovering You!


You can start reading my book now...




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