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Top 14 Love Addict Signs

By Jim Hall MS, Love Addiction Specialist



What are signs of a love addict? 


A love addict can be male or female. Are there certian patterns, behaviors and thinking they have that indicates a person is addicted to love? Yes.


The following are 14 Love Addict Signs. See if you recognize them in yourself or someone you might be concerned about.

  1. Confuses love with obsession, neediness, enmeshment, rescuing another or need to be saved, and-or excessive physical attraction.

  2. Having little or no boundaries becomes too vulnerable too fast, becomes attached to others without truly knowing them.

  3. Intense fear of being alone, rejected or abandoned- as a result, may tolerate emotional and-or physical abusive behaviors by a partner.

  4. Fears real intimacy, despite a desperate desire to feel close and connected to someone; may 'run' or disengage from healthy intimate contact if it is available.

  5. Despite pain or chaos, a relationship may bring, feels powerless to get out or leave; may hold onto desperate hopes things will eventually get better.

  6. Becomes obsessed and preoccupied with relationship partner; gives up activities, interests, or goals- may grow more isolated and alienated from friends, loved ones, self, and spirituality.

  7. Desperately believes that one person in a romantic relationship will make him/her valuable, alive, worthy, and admirable.

  8. When alone or not in a romantic relationship, there is an internal void; a sense that "I don't matter"; emotionally empty; feelings of being unworthy, unlovable, or undeserving.

  9. Confuses emotional dependency, drama, and negative intensity for real intimacy, authenticity, or healthy connection.

  10. When emotional insecurity increases, tries to meet needs and feel better by manipulating or controlling tactics with a romantic partner.

  11. Can feel immobilized or become acutely preoccupied with romantic fantasies of a relationship partner; or even when not in a committed relationship.

  12. Becomes attached to people who are emotionally unavailable, distant, avoidant; some become dangerously attached to narcissistic, psychopathic, or sociopathic individuals.

  13. Idealizes; assigns magical qualities to him/her; often perceives their partner as better than, stronger, more powerful.

  14. When a relationship ends, or breakup occurs (no matter who ended it)- experiences painful withdrawal and obsessions (similar to drug withdrawal): may feel an extreme sense of betrayal, anger, and pain; avoiding responsibility; blames an ex for not fulfilling unrealistic expectations and relational fantasies.


About the Author: Jim Hall MS is a Love addiction Specialist and Online Recovery/Relationship Coach who helps love addicts recover -- and develop the skills and self-assurance to acquire fulfilling love in their lives. Jim is also the author of three books and workbooks. on addictive relationships and how to heal - see book links below


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