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30 Personal Growth Tips for Recovering Love Addicts


For some, the pursuit of romantic love becomes an all-consuming obsession, leading to a cycle of unhealthy attachments and emotional turmoil.


If you are a love addict -- the following love addiction recovery tips can help you toward self-discovery, emotional empowerment, and healthy partnerships.

     1)     Don't date because you need to validate your sense of self or are desperate.

2)     Don't marry because you are miserable or don't want to be alone.


3)     Don't have kids because you think it would make things better.


4)     Don't associate with people you can't trust.


5)     Don't manipulate, control, cheat, lie, or be someone you're not.


6)     Don't sleep around to get revenge.


7)     Don't sell yourself short.


8)     Don't give up your values to be with someone.


9)     Don't stagnate!


10)   Don't regress, go back to old patterns that bring you pain.


11)   Forgive yourself if you make mistakes; we're all human.


12)   Don't stay stuck in the past. Time can't bring anything or anyone back; sometimes, that's a good thing.


13)   Don't put your life on hold for a "Prince" or "Princess."


14)   Don't throw your life away with a partner who brings misery.


15)   Learn a new skill; read a book; share and be authentic.


16)   Find a new friend; one who is respectful; honest; and supportive.


17)   Start a new career if you're unhappy in your current one.


18)   Realize, sometimes, there is no race to be won, only a price to be paid.


19)   To minimize your loneliness, attend support groups, volunteer, do positive affirmations.


20)   Realize, if you are alone or feeling lonely, it doesn't mean you're not worthy.


21)   Nurture yourself; know you are worthy of self-love/self-care.


22)   Reparent your inner child; tell him or her you are intrinsically valuable.


23)   To increase happiness, pursue your passions & be the best you can be.


24)   Let go of unrealistic expectations.


25)   Get rid of destructive elements in your life: abusive friends, nasty habits, toxic liaisons.


26)   Be responsible for your choices; you are an adult, not a child.


27)   Don't abandon your responsibilities but don't overdose on duty.


28)   Don't live life recklessly without thought and feeling for your family, friends, and especially yourself.


29)   Don't commit when you are not ready.


30) Don't strive for perfection; it's impossible; strive for excellence and just do your best.



About Author: Jim Hall, MS, is a Love Addiction Specialist, Online Recovery Coach, and Author of 3 Books on Love Addiction and Recovery. If you're seeking love addiction help- learn about of  Love Addiction Coaching.


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