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SURVIVING WITHDRAWAL: The Breakup Workbook for Love Addicts

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Surviving Love Addiction Workbook: A Love Addiction recovery workbook for anxiously attached, love addicts, and those obsessed with an ex and experiencing relationship withdrawal caused by a breakup, or divorce - effective tools and insight to cope and heal the symptoms of withdrawal... downloadable to any device. More -- About Surviving Love Addiction Workbook








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The Love Addict in Love Addiction: A candid, clearly outlined book on love addiction that provides you with keen insight into the intricate dynamics of Addictive Relationships that only occur between a love addict and an avoidant (or narcissistic) partner... More  -- About The Love Addict in Love Addiction

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Gateway to Healing Love Addiction Workbook:  Offers essential recovery strategies and guidance to help love addicts just beginning their recovery establish a healthy foundation for positive change and a long-lasting path toward healing love addiction, becoming more secure, and improving relationships. More-- About Gateway to Healing