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Online Groups for Love Addicts


Love Addiction Coaching: 45min.

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About Love Addiction Coaching | Counseling: Love Addiction Coaching with Jim Hall, MS, provides you with a compassionate and pro-active alliance to help you with the issues relating to love, relationships, and obsessive/painful patterns of addictive loving. I don't just talk - I listen to you, I relate to you, I guide, empower and help strengthen you to get where you want to be. 

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About Surviving Love Addiction Withdrawal Workbook: This book offers essential recovery guidance and methods for insecure attached love addicts to aid in healing the painful symptoms of love addiction withdrawal caused by a relationship loss, breakup or divorce. - more about Surviving Withdrawal


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The Love Addict in Love Addiction Book: A candid, clearly outlined book on love addiction that provides you with keen insight into the intricate dynamics of Addictive Relationships that only occur between a love addict and an avoidant (or narcissistic) partner... More  -- About The Love Addict in Love Addiction