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Hooked on Love and Needing Help!
One of the First Websites Tailored to Help Love Addicts Learn How to Recover
from the Obsessive Patterns of Love Addiction Recover & Break Free



For the countless people who are love (relationship) addicts and are tired of destructive, unhealthy patterns in their romantic relationships, there is finally an innovative website to turn for help. Recovered love addict turned therapist- now Love Addiction Specialist is teaching love addicts all over the world the secrets to  healthy, long lasting recovery.


Love Addiction Help offers hope and strength to countless people struggling with love addiction with nowhere to turn for answers. Love addiction help provides an all-in-one source for love addicts looking for insights, tips, tools, and expert guidance to overcome and heal from addictive loving in relationships. The ultimate purpose of this website is to help love addicts establish a solid path in recovery and realize fulfilling, happy relationships in life.


Why a recovery website for love addicts?


A large majority in the mental health profession are slowly starting to take notice of this serious problem of addictive loving- and as of yet, few counselors or therapists are well informed about the problem and therefore are limited in helping struggling love addicts overcome the toxic and obsessive dependency in love addiction.


When the love-addicted become aware of their self-sabotaging patterns in love relationships? far too often they've had nowhere to turn for genuine help, understanding, and guidance-- leaving them baffled and without an answers.



In recent years, a number of world renowned 20 to 35 day treatment centers have included the treatment of love addiction along with other addictions such as drug, alcohol, sex, gambling, etc.. However, 98% of the population cannot afford these sophisticated treatment centers since the cost of treatment often runs in the tens of thousands of dollars ($30,000.00 to $45,000.00). Consequently, most people who are love-addicted and need help could never afford such an opportunity.


Not to be confused with sex addiction, love addiction is another serious compulsive relational dependency to a person carried out by maladaptive and self-defeating behaviors that result in dysfunctional, painful relationships. Love addicts can become dependent to any type of person- a friend, parent, acquaintance, coworker, child, celebrities. Most commonly- the obsession shows up in romantic interpersonal relationships.  Similar to other addictions, the addiction to so called "love" shares a cycle of obsession, increased tolerance, and withdrawal. And all addicts use their addiction to escape reality, to feel alive and feel a sense of worth.


Jim Hall, M.S., Love Addiction Expert, Recovery Coach, Counselor/Therapist; and founder of, became an expert in the field of love addiction because of his own painful struggle with love addiction and exceptional success in recovery. With the unique target of helping love addicts through, Jim  is helping countless love-addicted men and women all over the world discover the way from the trials and confusion of addictive love to the fulfillment of whole and healthy relationships.


Jim Hall has authored The LOVE ADDICT in Love Addiction; SURVIVING WITHDRAWAL: The Break Up Workbook for love addicts, as well as GATEWAY to Recovery: The Beginners Guide to Recovery- available on his website for those needing clarity and recovery tools to help break free from their love addiction.


Jim is also near completion of a six part Love Addiction Rahab Workbook and Online Course Series that contains the essential tools necessary to establish long lasting recovery from addictive loving- which also will soon be available on his website.


His passion and commitment to help people all over the world through his new website with love/relationship addiction and issues around forming healthy relationships-- is profoundly giving hope to those who want improved relationships, improved well-being, and an overall better life.

How do you know if you are a love addict and would benefit from 

Ask yourself: Do you easily and quickly get swept away when you fall in love? Are you needy, afraid of loneliness, get crushes on unavailable people, or let fantasies take the place of real relationships? Do you get stuck in relationships that aren't going anywhere? Do you panic at the thought of losing your partner? Will you say anything, do anything, suffer anything to hold on to someone because it is so painful to let go? If so, you may be a love addict. Or go to one of our pages to see the Love Addiction Test


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Jim Hall, MS

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