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"Change occurs when one
becomes what he/she is,
not when he/she tries to
become what he is not"

- A.Beisser-

A Love Addicts Story: Obsessive Love & Recovery

Laura (a love addict), describes her experience -


It was the most horrible summer in my life. I was 23 and I wanted to die. I couldn't understand and accept what was happening to me, that I was so dependent, so addicted to a man who clearly despised me and cheated on me, or who clearly just didn't know how to love.


I had been obsessed with a few men that I couldn't have before, but this was much worse. Because I thought I had lost this current boyfriend's love because I didn't deserve it; I was a bad person; an ugly and stupid woman, and I felt on the verge of going insane.


I had lost weight, I felt weak, broken, and my intelligence was paralyzed while my soul was in so much pain... At the worst times, I felt an intense desire to tear my hair out or pinch myself to distract myself from the psychological anguish.


I would often think: "This can't be love! It's surely a kind of mental illness... How could I love someone, want someone soo bad who mistreats me, lies to me, cheats on me, laughs at me in my face?" I thought I was crazy. I certainly felt crazy.


But my despair was such that I was ready to try anything... to get relief.


I kept thinking if I could just hear his voice, see him, and even just touch him with my finger tips, relief would come, at least temporarily. I tried. I would call, hang up, and feel a little relief; then call again. I would drive by his place which was like a "hit" of some drug for temporarily relief.

Even knowing he was sleeping with other woman (or not- I really didn't know) didn't stop me from wanting to have contact. It didn't make sense to me at all; none!


I was always attracted to men who didn't love me, or who were incapable of loving someone at all, men who often even barely knew that I was alive.

I thought I was a romantic- I was attracted to men who I thought was some kind of Prince Charming who would sweep me off my feet; make me feel loved and valued; they did, temporarily only because of my denial and delusion.


A couple of very nice guys suffered because of me because I couldn't love them back.

Now that I am in recovery I know I never was attracted to "nice" men because many of them were actually healthy men who had the capability of intimate loving.

 I didn't know it then, but now I know I have feared the real love and respect and intimacy I thought I always desired. I was attracted to the men with issues, problems, drama, who I thought were exciting, enticing; yet the only thing I was enticed about was the unhealthy part of them all. Part of me knew this, but probably didn't want to face it. The attraction felt good- with detrimental consequences


For a while, I thought I would never be able to love a man who loves me back, so I stayed alone and away from relationships totally. I love men; I have a lot of male friends... But I thought I could never have a healthy romance with a man.


Therapy didn't help. Thinking back, I think therapy wasn't helpful because my therapist really never understood or even knew about love addiction and my core problems of my love addiction, so this was never a focus.

But I finally did find a specialist who treats love addiction, Jim, who made light bulbs go off in me with his insight and methods.


If you feel "damaged" as I felt like I was, there is hope for you, you are not crazy, and you can learn to love truly and in a healthy way... and to accept that someone can actually love you back.


P.S.-- I suffered a lot because of my love addiction. Despite my obsession and passion, I was finally able to stay away from the man I obsessed about so deeply ... I finally got the  insight I needed- and I learned, specific  tools and strategies that provided me empowerment and growth, I am making astounding breakthroughs. If that is what you need, I highly recommend getting some help from Jim. It hasn't always been easy, but it sure beats my old way of "loving" others and receiving love, and most importantly, loving myself.


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